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Not a Small Act

Not a Small Act

Is it possible to square caring for animals with eating them?

This week, we’re pleased to share an episode from Farmerama Radio, an award-winning podcast that showcases the voices behind regenerative farming.

Their latest series, “Less and Better”, is about one of the biggest, yet most confusing, questions of our time; what do we do about meat? 

The idea was born from hosts Katie Revell and Olivia Oldham's frustration at the binary and combative tone that characterized the meat debate. They wanted to spark a more nuanced and productive conversation around the future of meat. 

We’re sharing episode seven of the season, “Not a Small Act”, in which the hosts begin to unpick the complexities of whether it can ever be morally right to farm, and kill, animals. Through conversations with farmers, researchers, meat eaters and abstainers, the episode explores various cultural and personal ways of relating to animals, and whether it’s possible to square caring for animals with eating them.

If you like what you hear, you can subscribe and listen to all of Farmerama Radio’s excellent content, wherever you get your podcasts.

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