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A Treasure for My Daughter

A Treasure for My Daughter

Passover is upon us, and what better time to reflect on a Jewish mother's love for her children? Our MILK highlight of the week is editor Isabela's audio story, A Treasure for My Daughter, where she explores growth and sacrifice through the lens of her mom's non-kosher kitchen (and fluffy matzo balls). Dig in, eat on, and celebrate the eternal complexity that is food and family.

This podcast features writing and research by Isabela Vera; sound editing by Isabela Vera & Zoë Johnson, and original music by the Electric Muffin Research Kitchen. You can also listen to it on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.



Read the show transcript here.


For reference, here is my mom and I enjoying French delights on a trip to Paris that we took in March 2005, lieu of my having a bat mitzvah.

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