Feminist Food Journal (FFJ) is an online magazine and podcast dedicated to a feminist food future.

Founded and edited by Isabela Vera and Zoë Johnson, FFJ publishes four thematic issues a year on a rolling basis, with new essays coming every two weeks. Each issue explores food and culture from intersectional and global feminist perspectives, analyzing dynamics of power and resistance and spotlighting lesser-heard voices.

So far, we’ve published six issues: MILK, WAR, SEX, EARTH, CITY, and SEA. Currently, we have MEAT. Interested in writing for us? Subscribe to receive our call for pitches by email.

What people are saying about FFJ:

“Interesting & thought-provoking topics. Accessible articles and great podcasts.”

“Progressive journalism highlighting the direct connection between women, food, and other important themes.”

“It's bringing a feminist lens to food politics and culture that is desperately needed.”

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By becoming a paid subscriber, you’ll be supporting independent feminist media, and helping us to pay our writers a competitive rate. We couldn’t run FFJ otherwise. But the benefits aren’t only warm, fuzzy feelings. You’ll get access to:

  • Audio versions of most magazine articles (often read by the authors themselves)

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content — think less critical analysis, more open questions and belly laughs — which also often includes recipes!

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“I LOVE the option to listen to the articles read by the authors.”

“I love the audio and behind-the-scenes content.”

“The community seems to be very nice. I didn't expect to have a community.”

“I like being part of your meaningful work in some small way.”

What do I get as a free subscriber?

We are committed to making most of our work available paywall-free, so free subscribers get access to most written magazine content (no audio readings) and podcasts, as well as periodic general newsletters.

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If you’re interested in our paywalled content but can’t afford to access it right now, please drop us a line at hello@feministfoodjournal.com.

Meet our team

Isabela Vera (left) and Zoë Johnson (right)

Isabela Vera, Founding Editor

Isabela is a dedicated storyteller and food lover who has been writing and editing pretty much since she learned to hold a pen. Alongside FFJ, Isabela is a PhD candidate at BCNUEJ and ICTA-UAB, where she examines how urban food policies impact food justice for immigrant communities using community-engaged methods. She also works as an independent consultant on food policy issues. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from the Hertie School of Governance, a postgraduate certificate in food systems studies from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Sociology and Journalism from the University of Victoria. She speaks English, French, and Spanish.

Get in touch with Isabela at isabela@feministfoodjournal.com or on Linkedin here. Her full portfolio is available at www.isabelavera.com.

Zoë Johnson, Founding Editor

Zoë’s work is guided by her fascination with stories' power to shape reality. She has an academic background in gender equality, food systems, and international development, and experience working in research, publishing, communications, and consulting. Her work for FFJ has recently been honoured with a Zelda Award for my design and illustration work and she was selected to participate in the 2023 Break Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of the MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford's Department of International Development and holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the University of British Columbia where she studied food systems, with a regional focus on South Asia.

Get in touch with Zoë at zoe@feministfoodjournal.com or on Linkedin here. Her full portfolio is available at zoejo.ca.

Running a magazine truly does take a village; along the way, we’d like to acknowledge that we’ve had generous technical and editorial support from talented friends including Sigríður Héðinsdóttir, Lina Osorio, Austin Romeo, Christopher Kardish, Martha Marcuson, and Robert Gorwa.

We would also like to thank our BFFs of FFJ — foundational subscribers who go above and beyond in terms of their support. Our BFFs are Katy Routh, Lauren Friel, Benjamin Overton, Alexa de Ferranti, Jodie Johnson, Conor Murphy, Cecilia Marin, Emily Vera, Beth Falk, Tracey Barker, Benjamin Saggers, Nancy Knickerbocker, Laurence Bonnemort, Christine Jones, and Christopher Kardish.

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An online magazine dedicated to a feminist food future.


An online magazine dedicated to a feminist food future.